Build Your Dream Modern Farmhouse ADU

September 16, 2022

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is quintessentially Californian in design and appeal. It is elegant, yet relaxed, just like the California lifestyle. Whether your primary home pulls from this trend or is complimentary in appearance, Los Angeles ADU Builder is ready to build your dream modern farmhouse ADU. You can enjoy your new ADU as an extension of your main structure, as a guesthouse for friends and family or to supplement your income as a rental property. 

What Is a Modern Farmhouse ADU?

Named for the residential design style that is so popular today, a modern farmhouse ADU integrates this style of comfort and simplicity in an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Just as this design trend evokes warmth, farmhouse chic, vintage appeal and contemporary upgrades in the most in-demand L.A. county residential properties, it can do the same in the reduced footprint of an ADU. In fact, the style’s uncluttered approach to design works very well for small spaces. 

Common elements used in a modern farmhouse ADU include:

  • Reclaimed wood or the reclaimed “look” in modern materials showing wear and tear, scratches, nicks and knots
  • Barnboard elements
  • Salvaged architectural elements
  • Wrought iron 
  • Wide plank flooring
  • Neutral colors like white, beige, cream, silver, gray and sage
  • Contrasting black accents

When designing the interior of your modern farmhouse style ADU, remember to use textures in place of accent colors, keeping the color palette simple. Mix cotton and wool with canvas, chenille or other textured materials. Keep your metals to a maximum of three types in each room for railings, light fixtures and other hardware.

Although most of the design focuses on wood, you can add other natural materials like stone and wicker sparingly. Overall, the most important interior decoration tip for this architectural style is to keep everything simple, particularly in terms of accessories.

What Purposes Can My Modern Farmhouse ADU Serve?

Like any municipality or county in the United States, L.A. county specifies where you can build an ADU and what purposes it can serve. In simpler terms, these units are commonly called granny flats, in-law apartments, mother-in-law-suites or guest houses. Obviously, an ADU design can utilize any trend or aesthetic that meets building codes. But the modern farmhouse ADU design is particularly popular today.

With the help of a licensed ADU builder like Los Angeles ADU Builder, you can construct a gorgeous accessory dwelling unit on your existing home’s property. You can then use the newly built dwelling to suit your personal needs, such as for guests, your home office or to house your elderly parents. The county even permits the use of ADUs as rental housing to boost your income. Well-constructed and beautifully designed modern farmhouse ADUs inevitably increase your property value and home equity, as well.

Start Building Your Modern Farmhouse ADU 

If you want to build a modern farmhouse ADU on your existing residential property, call the professionals of Los Angeles ADU Builder. We specialize in all types of ADU construction and the California modern farmhouse aesthetic. We offer turnkey services from consultation, floor plans, permits and ADU design to the final completion of ADU units throughout Los Angeles County. Call us today at (818) 720-3316

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