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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Contractor in Calabasas

Let Us Help You Build Your ADU in Calabasas

ADU in Calabasas

Do you currently reside in Calabasas, Ca? Would you like to build an accessory dwelling unit on your property? If you have been thinking about completing an ADU Calabasas project but don’t know where to begin, we can help.

An ADU can provide you with additional space to expand your square footage, build a backyard office, or garage conversion. You may have family members that are coming to live with you in the near future. This would allow for the room they need to comfortably stay with you.

Top ADU Contractor in Calabasas, Ca

Los Angeles ADU Builder has extensive experience with home building and ADU Construction in Calabasas and the Los Angeles area. We can assist you at your Calabasas home. This beautiful community has so much to offer. It is known as the haven for Hollywood’s elite, but it offers so much more.

You can visit the Malibu Creek State Park, the Leonis Adobe Museum, or spend some time at the Saddle Peak Lodge. Regardless of where you are in Calabasas, we can come to your location to build your ADU Calabasas property.

Calabasas ADU Contractor

Why Los Angeles ADU Builder Is Your Top Choice For Building An ADU Calabasas

The reason that our company should be your top choice is our years of home building experience. We not only construct separate ADU structures but can assist you with converting your garage as well. From drafting up a design for ADU Calabasas and pulling permits to navigating the construction process and choosing the finishing touches, we are here to help you build your dream ADU Calabasas.

Once we have you on our schedule, we will be prompt, courteous, and complete the job in a timely manner. Moreover, we are an affordable option for garage conversion projects. We can provide you with a quote on constructing the exact ADU you are envisioning.

Perhaps all you want is to convert your existing garage into living quarters or a new home office. That is something Los Angeles ADU Builder does on a regular basis.

Why Choose Us to Convert Your Garage

Our company can easily convert your garage into living quarters. Garage conversions are much easier than you would imagine. Of course, we have the proper tools and knowledge needed to complete this process quickly. We can also assist you with building an accessory dwelling unit in your backyard.

These can be constructed in multiple sizes and dimensions. Constructing one-bedroom and studio ADU structures is easy to accomplish. We can even create a backyard office for you to work in. All it takes is a single phone call to our place of business to get started.

Contacting Us for ADU Calabasas Project

If you’d like to learn more about our services, give us a call (818)720-3316 or fill out a form on our website. You can call us directly to schedule a time for us to come out to your location. If you prefer, you can also use the form on our website to submit your name, phone number, and tell us what you would like us to build. We look forward to helping you!

We also provide professional ADU services in Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Woodland Hills, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Northridge. Call us today!

Building The Backyard Home of Your Dreams

Adding a backyard ADU home to your property in Los Angeles can benefit you in so many ways. At Los Angeles ADU Builder we take pride in the commitment we have to make sure every detail is right. As a local construction company who specializes in backyard renovations and ADU projects we look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today!
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Increase your income, space and property value.

Convert Your Garage into an ADU

Many homes in Los Angeles now have the ability to convert their underutilized garage and backyard space to create a home, office, or even rental space. Learn how Los Angeles ADU Builder can help you design and build an ADU.
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