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Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Contractor in Santa Monica

Let Us Help You Build Your ADU in Santa Monica

Going with the best ADU designs Santa Monica has to offer is all about finding a professional team. This includes a team that is dedicated, passionate, and willing to put in the hard work needed to see substantial results.

When it comes to the best option in the city of Santa Monica, Los Angeles ADU Builder does it the right way.

ADU Contractor in Santa Monica

Your Top ADU Contractor in Santa Monica, Ca

You are going to gain access to a professional company that has qualified specialists helping every step of the way.

Whether it’s the Santa Monica Pier or Pacific Park, the landmarks in Santa Monica illustrate how beautiful the city is. When it comes to building backyard homes and garage conversions, it’s essential to reach out to Los Angeles ADU Builder for a free consultation.

Converting Your Garage into an ADU in Santa Monica

Before we begin the garage conversion process, we will set up a free consultation meeting to discuss the specific options your property has. Local zoning codes and parking laws will determine what kind of ADU is permissible on your property. We know each homeowner has a specific vision for how their new ADU in Santa Monica. We make sure our clients are 100% happy from start to finish.

One reason to choose Los Angeles ADU Builder for your upcoming ADU in Santa Monica project is our team of designers and contractors always delivers premium results. Everything about the process is customized to how you envision your Backyard ADU project. This includes the materials, timeline, and overall finishing touches.

ADU Santa Monica

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At Los Angeles ADU Builder, we put our clients first. Contact us to set up a free consultation. Even if you simply have questions about the process and need an expert to discuss this with, we can help!

We also provide professional ADU services in Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Northridge. Call us today!

Building The Backyard Home of Your Dreams

Adding a backyard ADU home to your property in Los Angeles can benefit you in so many ways. At Los Angeles ADU Builder we take pride in the commitment we have to make sure every detail is right. As a local construction company who specializes in backyard renovations and ADU projects we look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today!
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Increase your income, space and property value.

Convert Your Garage into an ADU

Many homes in Los Angeles now have the ability to convert their underutilized garage and backyard space to create a home, office, or even rental space. Learn how Los Angeles ADU Builder can help you design and build an ADU.
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