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Add a Granny Flat to Your Backyard Space

September 28, 2021

A Granny flat is a housing unit that is secondary to a primary dwelling on the same lot. A granny flat is popular for its flexibility and affordability, as it can be used in a number of ways ranging from an office space or guest suite to rental units. In addition, these smaller dwellings tend to have lower land costs than conventional homes due to less square footage being built.

These units may also be referred to as a granny flat and can be legally built on your property so long as you have the necessary zoning permits.

If you want to build one of these structures in your backyard, it will need to meet certain requirements set by the city so that it doesn’t become a safety hazard. For example, there is typically an occupancy limit of two residents per household with no more than four occupants total (including pets). Make sure to check your city for occupancy limits before proceeding with this kind of project.

ADUs can be constructed without having any significant impact on the surrounding area because they are smaller than the main residence. This makes them ideal for anyone looking to add more living space without having a larger home that would typically need additional parking and landscaping.

Granny Flat

If you’re considering adding an accessory dwelling unit, there are several benefits of doing so:

1. Increases Home Value

One of the major benefits of adding an accessory dwelling unit is that it can increase your home’s value. According to a report by Zillow, homeowners who added granny flats saw their property values rise 14 percent more than those without these additional units on their properties.

This makes sense as ADUs not only provide you with extra space but also serve as an investment opportunity for your future. ADU Construction is minimal, especially when an existing structure, such as a garage, is present.

2. Additional Room Or Office Space

ADUs can be an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for extra living space without the commitment of building an entirely new house. For example, granny flats can be used as an office space or guest suite rather than just a bedroom. Some people use this as a guest house, to help accommodate family members who are visiting during the holiday season. The good thing about ADUs is that there are no limitations on what you can build – it’s your backyard after all.

3. Extra Monthly Income

Another benefit of adding this type of dwelling to your property is that it can provide you with an extra source of income through rental fees. Rental rates for granny flats typically range depending on their size, where you live, and many other factors. (Note: the values can be higher especially if you’re located near tourist attraction sites).

Given that the rental process is often automated, you can spend less time managing your property while still having it generate extra income through monthly rent payments. Some people list their units on Airbnb, offering the space either for short or long-term rental. This is perfect for people who are looking for an additional stream of passive income, or for those people who have retired.

If you’re worried about safety and security, the ADU will have its separate locks and keys, which means that renters won’t be given access to the main house. This will still give you freedom at home without having to worry about cohabitating with strangers.

4. Low-Cost Housing

ADU costs are also lower than typical home construction or renovation projects since they will be built on existing land on the property. This can also help to save a lot on landscaping costs as you won’t have an additional yard for your guests or tenants to use. You don’t have to worry about hiring a separate gardener,

In A Nutshell…

In Los Angeles, adding a granny flat is becoming a popular addition to the backyard. These small living areas allow families to live close together and doubles as a guest room or nursery. These have many benefits especially for those living in the LA area. They’re a great alternative to renting an apartment and can provide extra income by renting out your flat to others, making it a perfect investment.

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