Best Advice for Earning Income with an ADU

June 9, 2022

If you've been thinking about adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your property, you're likely looking for more space to accommodate your family's needs, such as providing a designated space for a home theater or office. However, you can also use your ADU for generating passive income.

Building an ADU from quality materials and adding customized finishing touches can make the unit more appealing to potential residents. Los Angeles ADU Builder is here to provide the best advice for earning income with an ADU.

Generating Passive Income with an ADU

An ADU gives you space outside of the main family home that you can reserve for family members when they visit or use as a playroom or entertainment center for your children. However, building a separate living space on your property can help you save money if you use it as a rental property to generate income. This is a long-term investment that could be beneficial to your family.

An ADU provides you with additional residential space without having to go through the process of buying a house and renting it out to tenants. You may also want to use the ADU as a temporary living space for vacationers. Once the Los Angeles ADU Builder team helps you construct the ADU of your dreams, you can customize it with wall art and furniture pieces that appeal to potential residents and display your sense of style.

Working with the Los Angeles ADU Builder Team

Even if you're not completely sure how you want to design your ADU or whether you want the unit to serve as a primary residence or as a workplace, The team at Los Angeles ADU Builder can give you the information you need about the most durable materials for ADUs, as well as floor plan options that can make the living space unique.

For instance, if you're using the ADU as a granny flat, features like a wide porch with no stairs and plenty of outdoor accent lighting can make it easier for older residents to get around the property. If you're using your newly constructed ADU for rental income, design features that stand out, such as a front door in a neon color or jewel tone, or landscape features such as a small, stone-lined garden in the front yard.

A team member will work with you to determine every detail of your ADU. You'll also learn which materials for doors, flooring and siding are the most durable or weather-resistant. You get to choose the colors and finishes of the building materials that will make your ADU one of a kind.

If you think building an ADU is an ideal passive income option for you, contact Los Angeles ADU Builder today. A member of our qualified team will be happy to assist you in building a reliable and stunning ADU from start to finish.

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