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5 Pro Tips About Los Angeles Garage Conversion

November 20, 2021

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are the latest rage among homeowners. It seems everyone wants extra living space on their property, whether to serve as an in-law unit, separate apartment, studio or simply additional living space. Garages are perfect for these conversions in Los Angeles.

If you are in the early phases of planning your own Los Angeles garage conversion, what should you consider? For insights and advice, you can trust the pros of Los Angeles ADU Builder for garage conversion plans.

How Can a Los Angeles Garage Conversion Work for Me?

Garages are ample space for a wide variety of functionality. But to start your Los Angeles garage conversion, you first must decide what you want from the available square feet. Some of the most popular uses include:

  • Extra living room or recreational room for your family
  • Additional bedroom for guests or a family member
  • Kitchen extension for the kitchen of your dreams
  • Designated office or work studio
  • Home movie theater
  • Home gym

As you can see, there are many functions your current garage can serve. You only need to choose the purpose of your Los Angeles garage conversion and work with the pros to make it a fully usable and enjoyable space.

Los Angeles Garage Conversion

1. Talk to a Building Inspector

One of your first important steps in conversion of your garage is to ensure your new room will adhere to city codes. Some communities have specific garage conversion regulations. If you do not follow these standards, you will face steep fines.

But following the guidelines is easy. It simply involves going to your city planning office and filing your floor plans for feedback. Of course, your construction professionals can sometimes fulfill this step for you.

2. Work With a Builder Well Seasoned in Los Angeles Garage Conversions

You should treat a Los Angeles garage conversion like any other home construction project by working with experienced professionals with a reputation of customer satisfaction. Ideally, you work with one general contractor or builder who can manage all of the other project needs and contracting services for you.

You need to find one who always works within building codes, safety standards, budget constraints and reasonable timelines. Finding the right pro can be tricky on your own. But Los Angeles ADU Builder makes this step easy. We have the experience to help you bring your vision to life.

3. Start With Insulation and Climate Control

Most garages are not designed for climate control or creature comfort. This is why your Los Angeles garage conversion project must include insulation and expansion of your HVAC system. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable in summer or winter and your new living space may be left unused.

Insulation can mean framing the walls with studs, then insulation material inserted between these supports. You may also want to install baseboard heat, radiant floor heating or other types of heating or cooling systems to make the room as comfortable as possible.

3. Start With Insulation and Climate Control

Most Los Angeles garage conversions involve installation of a new floor on top of the concrete slab. If you are starting with a bare slab, this enables you to consider a wide range of options like hardwood, carpet, and tile. Of course, before the floor goes in, you first need cracks repaired, patching, cleaning, and moisture barrier application. Once all of this work is done and you have a new floor to stand on, you will easily forget it was once only a bare, cold slab.

5. Remember to Add Plumbing

If you want a wet bar, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or sink added to your remodeling plans, you will need the help of a great plumber. Your general contractor can find this pro for you, based on cost and reputation. They will need to install water supply and drain lines in the foundation. But having the convenience and comfort of these facilities will make your Los Angeles garage conversion so much more usable in the long run.

Converting Your Garage Adds Value to Your Home

A Los Angeles garage conversion is a great way to add value to your home while also expanding your functional space. Even better, this pre-existing structure enables you to complete your project for less money than a new addition.

When you are ready to convert your Los Angeles garage, call the pros of Los Angeles ADU Builder. We specialize in Accessory Dwelling Unit construction contracting and will make your dream space a reality. Call us today at (818) 720-3316.

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