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Top Ideas from a Garage Conversion Contractor in Los Angeles

October 4, 2022

If you have a little-used garage that you are interested in turning into usable living space, a garage conversion contractor is the expert you need to call. A garage conversion pro can transform your garage into one or more new rooms that increase your property value. You can let your imagination and creativity shine in designing the purpose for this space, whether you want an additional bedroom suite, fitness room, home office or media room. 

There are so many things you can do with this extra square footage to enhance your lifestyle. Below are some of the most popular design ideas for your Los Angeles garage conversion, courtesy of the garage conversion contractors at Los Angeles ADU Builder.

Garage Conversion Benefits

Besides being an excellent investment in your home’s value, there are many benefits to garage conversion. These benefits include:

  • Increasing the functionality of your home
  • Greater affordability than a standard addition
  • Provides a means of enhancing your home’s exterior
  • Ample room for design creativity
  • Easily adds to your home’s legal dimensions because unfinished garage square footage does not count

Because garages already have a concrete foundation, exterior walls and a roof, conversions cost less than adding a standard addition to your home. If your garage already has drywall, wired power and windows, you are even further ahead in its finishing.

Also because the garage exterior was likely completed using the same materials as the rest of the house at the same construction time, the finished product seamlessly integrates into the appearance of your home. A professional garage conversion contractor can help you design the new living space of your dreams. 

Most Popular Design Ideas for Garage Conversion

Garages are expansive with a square or rectangular footprint. This large space provides unlimited design options. Some of the most popular design ideas brought to life by Los Angeles garage conversion contractors include:

  • Home Office – Since the pandemic, lifestyles have changed at home and in the workplace. With more people working from home, many households suddenly need dedicated office space. A garage conversion contractor can build a home office where you can take your career to the next level. No matter what your occupation, features like noise-proof doors, sound insulation and thicker drywall can improve the garage’s privacy.
  • Ensuite Bedroom or In-Law Suite – If you need another bedroom in your home, the garage is the perfect space for this addition. Large garages can even support a small hallway with two bedrooms. You can provide more room for your growing family, add an in-law suite or even build an ADU as a mini-apartment
  • Recreational Room – In the 1970s, architects called secondary living spaces “rec rooms.” The modern version of rec rooms include billiards rooms, media rooms or family rooms. Your garage conversion contractor can help you create a space for the family to create lasting memories.

Other types of recreational spaces designed as part of a garage conversion include:

  • Home Gym
  • Hobby Studio or Workshop
  • Craft Room
  • Art Studio
  • Meditation Room
  • Dance Room
  • Woodworking Room
  • Personal Bar or Nightclub
  • Writing Room
  • Library

Work With an Expert Garage Conversion Contractor in Los Angeles

A building project of this size is not typically one a homeowner should consider a DIY project. There are many aspects of these conversions that necessitate skill, advanced expertise and building code compliance. A professional garage conversion contractor like Los Angeles ADU Builder provides full service to bring your visions to reality.

Los Angeles ADU Builder helps you plan and design your garage remodeling project to suit your budget and ensure the ideal outcome. Call Los Angeles ADU Builder at (818) 720-3316 for a project consultation.

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