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How to Convert Detached Garage Into Guest House

June 15, 2023

Adding an additional room to your house is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value, take advantage of the unusable space in your home, and add an aesthetic appeal to your home by transforming your garage. By transforming your garage, you would be able to save more than building a completely new room from scratch.

Here are two things you should consider before converting your garage into a guest house:

Determine a Budget

With a budget, it’s important to save money by adding living space for your guests by simply converting your garage. Building on additional square footage to your home is a more expensive option that can also go against your budget and zoning laws. In comparison, adding a floor to your house can set you back several thousand dollars wherein transforming a garage would cost you on average around $6,000 to $19,000.

Some of the factors that can greatly affect the price is depending on how big the size of your garage is and what you are planning to do with it. A simple living room or guest quarters that is fully furnished can go for $5,000. Additional costs can accumulate if you are planning to turn your garage into a kitchen or a bathroom because of plumbing requirements.


However, if you are planning to turn your garage into a living area, it is necessary to insulate it. With insulation, you can deflect outside noise and refrain air from entering your home. Without the right insulation, your new room might sit below freezing temperatures during winter and rise up to unbearable temperatures in the summer.

Insulation can also be beneficial even if you are not planning to turn your garage into a living space because being able to control the temperature by reducing heat and cooling can save you on your bills. In this way, both your air conditioning and the heater would not have to do all the work.

Do you need permission in transforming your garage?

Changing the primary function of a room in your house entails that you would need to request and obtain necessary construction permissions. However, this will vary depending on the location of your home but in particular municipalities and residential areas, homeowners are required to have access to a garage or other covered parking spot for their vehicles.

Contact your local zoning office and discover if you will be needing a permit. If you fail to follow zoning regulations, your garage would be restricted which can cost your home’s value to decline.

What Other Rooms Can Be Made Out of the Garage?

A garage can be used for a lot of things but in today’s time, most people are transforming them into bedrooms for visitors. What you plan on converting your garage into will be the basis for its design. Here are some ideas on what your garage can be used for after renovation:

  • Playroom or baby’s room
  • Arts and crafts room
  • Added living room space for family
  • Entertainment room

Every one of these types of rooms has the same level of importance as having an extra bedroom when it comes to a time you would like to sell your property. Designing the design outcome of your garage has limitless possibilities. Just be sure to go with your budget and follow the legal requirements of your community.

How to Construct a Garage Conversion into a Guest House

Turning a garage into a guest house is a great decision when your adolescent children like to bring friends to your home after school to study together or hang out. This can also be the case when you have in-laws coming over and still want to have privacy of your own.

Here are two things that can help you turn your idea into a reality:

  1. Verify that the detached garage complies with all building standards

In transforming your garage into a new room, you would surely need the help of professionals such as architects and engineers as well as the approval of your local zoning office. Failing to do this might result in a costly demolition of your property.

But if your garage is up to code, you will have the right to rent it out or advertise it as a separate entity when you decide to put your home on the market. It’s crucial that you get the authorizations first before construction can begin.

  1. Make sure your new renovation resembles the overlook of your home

When it comes to designing your garage, the external part of the garage transformation would be the easiest part. The new room should not look like a place that looked like it was a garage before. There’s no better way to avoid this than by utilizing the same trim, components, windows, and shutters, changing your garage door and roofs to fit within the image of the whole house.

Be sure to also install enough windows to avoid making the room dark and unwelcoming for your guests. If this is something that could not be achieved, you can opt to add skylights as an alternative.

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