Build an ADU Above Your Garage to Fix Your Parking Problems

July 11, 2022

If you've been thinking about adding an accessory dwelling unit or ADU to your property, Los Angeles ADU Builder is here to help you through every step of the process. You can add an ADU above your garage for additional living space or to provide more room for your vehicles. An expert from our team can install ADUs to existing garages and add square footage to your property to increase its value.

Ideas for Garage Conversions

Building an ADU helps to create additional comfortable living spaces that you can customize based on your family's needs. For instance, you can use the ADU when you're converting an existing garage into a home office so you can work remotely in a space that is designated for your professional success. Or, you can use the additional square foot advantage of an ADU to create a playroom for your children. Your kids can engage in hours of fun while playing their favorite video games or watching movies with friends.

The ADU can also become a granny flat, which is an additional living space within your property line. You can make the space into a 1 bedroom ADU or take advantage of advanced ADU features to turn the living unit into a suite complete with a bathroom or kitchenette. This is a wonderful idea for a family who needs to make sure that grandparents are comfortable when they visit, and the room can also be used for older children who want a more private bedroom space.

Planning to Build an Additional Garage

In addition to adding a second story to your home as a bedroom or living room, you can speak with the team at Los Angeles ADU Builder to create the attached garage you've always wanted. This affordable housing renovation is often easier than complete than expanding your garage using traditional construction methods.

When you schedule your consultation with the Los Angeles ADU Builder team, you'll get all the information you need about the cost to build the garage you want. You'll also see some examples of garage conversions so you can get the design inspiration you want to transform the ADU into a den or sitting room, in-law suite, or game room.

Starting Your ADU Project

When you're ready to get started, talk to the building team about property line markers and building permits that are necessary to take your project from an idea to reality. The Los Angeles ADU Builder team will also measure attached garage or existing garages so you'll know which building materials and ADU feature you should use in converting your garage.

All the information you need to keep your ADU looking and functioning at its best will be provided once ADU construction is complete. Contact Los Angeles ADU Builder to schedule your consultation today.

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