6 Primary Types Of ADUs Most Commonly Requested Of ADU Builders

December 31, 2021

Among homeowners today,ADU is still a semi new acronym. So what is an ADU and what does an ADU builder in Los Angeles do? Let’s answer these questions and outline some of the info you need to decide whether you want an ADU contractor to help you enhance your residential property value.

What is an ADU?

ADUs are accessory dwelling units, meaning additional housing units constructed on a single-family lot. An ADU can refer to multiple types of housing added to an existing residential property. Because of the code requirements and unique nature of accessory dwelling units, it is best to leave the construction to a specialized ADUbuilder, like Los Angeles ADU Builder of Tarzana.

There are many types of ADUs, but six primary styles are the go-to options for most homeowners who want to increase their property usability and value.

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These Six Primary Types Most Commonly Requested of ADU Builders Include:

Detached ADUs

Also commonly called backyard cottages, in-law houses, laneway houses, granny flats, pool houses or DADUs, this type consists of a small home built in the backyard or elsewhere on the property of an existing residential home. As the name implies, these dwelling units are a completely separate structure, independent from the main house. They typically consist of a living space, kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom or sleeping space. But they can vary widely in square footage and the number of rooms.

Garage Conversion ADUs

ADUbuilders build these units within converted garages to form a separate living space from the main house. These dwellings involve permanent sealing of the garage doors, insulation of the structure, wiring, plumbing and division into living and sleeping spaces, typically with a bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette.

Garage Apartments or Carriage Houses

Construction of this type of ADU is usually above or attached to a workshop or garage with a separate entry for a self-contained apartment. Perhaps one of the most famous ADUs of this type was the residence of the Fonz, also known as Arthur Fonzarelli in the hit 1970s sitcom Happy Days. Fonzie lived above the Cunningham’s garage in a self-contained apartment with a small kitchen-living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Addition ADUs or Bump-Out ADUs

As their names suggest, ADUbuilders build these separate dwelling units as an addition to an existing residence. Many people may refer to this as a “mother-in-law suite.” They typically feature a separate entryway from the rest of the home, directly into the ADU.

Basement ADU

Basement conversions are the most popular ADUs. Also known as basement apartments, mother-in-law units, in-law units, English basements, secondary suites and accessory apartments. These dwellings, like garage apartments and garage conversions, convert existing square footage into a fully functioning apartment. They typically feature at least one bathroom, bedroom, living room (or combined sleeping-living space) and kitchen or kitchenette.

Internal ADU

Internal ADUs convert a portion of the current residence (not including a basement) into a separate dwelling. For example, conversion of an attic space into a small apartment or surplus bedrooms and also things like wings or levels of multi-story homes that are not in use.

ADU Builder • Los Angeles CA

Common Traits of ADUs

Every ADUbuilder likely has at least one story about an unusual conversion or ADU project unlike any other. This is because these accessory dwelling units can vary widely in their structural form and where on the property they are built. But ADUs share some common traits.

As part of these traits, there are specific design and building difficulties. That is why it is best to work with a licensed ADU contractor, instead of trying to do all of this work on your own.

The first issue faced by ADUbuilders and the homeowners, themselves, is the zoning for an accessory dwelling unit. A general contractor for ADU construction in your area understands the local zoning laws and how to ensure these properties meet code requirements. Without this help, it can feel like a nightmare, trying to navigate the unique housing category requirements.

To avoid having to deal with these zoning and code enforcement challenges, do a search online for ADU contractors near me. Or in the Los Angeles area, simply call the expert accessory dwelling unit contractors of Los Angeles ADU Builder.

The common characteristics of ADUs include:

  • They are accessory and adjacent to the primary residence
  • These dwelling units are much smaller than an average-sized home in the US
  • One owner typically owns the single family primary home and the ADU
  • Construction of the primary house is typically first, then the ADU
  • Many different zoning and land use regulations govern ADUs than standard single-family homes
  • Local zoning regulations can have an affect on the use of the ADU

As you can see from the list above, ADUs are unique projects in the world of housing construction. This is why it is best to work with a dedicated ADUbuilder. In the Los Angeles area, call Los Angeles ADU Builder at (818) 720-3316 for your accessory dwelling unit project.

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